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Walking is not about saving time, it's about wasting it gracefully.
David Le Breton

Ngorongoro Highlands

Treat yourself to a 4-day trek in the Highlands of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Maasai land. Unforgettable moments, unlikely encounters, breathtaking scenery and a walk that's accessible to everyone. . 


Our proposal includes

  • 4 day trek

  • experiences guide, cook, donkey drivers

  • fully equipped tents, WC and shower

The stages

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1. Emparai crater

2. Acacia Camp

3. Natron Camp

4. Lake Natron

Budget: from USD 850pp


Accompanied by highly qualified guides and a caring team, we suggest you join a group to climb Kilimanjaro in 7 days, via the popular Machame route. .

Our proposal includes

  • transfer from Kilimandjaro airport

  • one night accommodation on arrival in Moshi 

  • the entire trek (group)

The stages

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 1. Arrival at Kilimanjaro airport

 2. Transfer to Moshi

 3. Machame gate

 4. Machame camp

 5. Shira camp

 6. Barranco camp

 7. Karanga camp

 8. Barafu camp

 9. Mweka camp

10. Back to Moshi

The price variation is only influenced by your choice of hotel for your first night in Moshi. Please note that the tips for the trek crew are not included. 
We also offer private treks, and the other less popular Kilimanjaro routes. 

Attractive : from USD 2900 pp

Charming : from USD 3150 pp

Chic : from USD 4230 pp

Mount Meru

Less popular than Kilimanjaro, the ascent of Mount Meru is reserved for more experienced walkers. Accompanied by highly qualified guides and a team of caring professionals, you'll enjoy impressive views and landscapes. 


Our proposal includes

  • transfer from Kilimandjaro airpot to Arusha

  • overnight in Arusha

  • 4 day trek

The stages

1. Arrival at Kilimanjaro airport and transfer to Arusha

2. Mirjakamba huts

3. Saddle huts

4. Mirjakamba Huts

5. Back to Arusha 

Attractive : from USD 1050 pp

Charming : from USD 1150 pp
Chic : from USD 1 300 pp




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