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am I?

Always passionate about travel, animals and sensational landscapes, I discovered Tanzania for the first time in 2011.

I fell under the spell of this astonishing country, with breathtaking landscapes, populated by smiling, friendly, joyful people who always see the bright side of things.

Since then, I have returned countless times, done volunteering, safaris, treks and hikes, spent a week in a Maasai village far from everything (and everyone), met a dozen diverse tribes and co-created three companies, including one specializing in safaris.

From now on, I divide my time between Switzerland and Tanzania.

In order for my travel proposals to correspond in every way to the expectations of my clients, it is essential that I know their desires, their dreams and their needs.

For the implementation of the safaris, I am surrounded by a dedicated Tanzanian team, who share my values and my enthusiasm to make your trip one of the best of your life!

Contact me


Tel: 079/785.31.24

Based at

Lausanne, Switzerland

Mafia, Tanzania




Une initiative de Halls Services Sàrl

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